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Riding the Paris metro

by Ted on March 15th, 2008

Riding the metro is a fact of life in Paris. Everyone takes the metro, it is safe, fast, and convenient.

I wont drive a car in Paris… no, no, no

Waiting for metro
Owning a car in Paris is a liability more than a benefit. Drivers  have to find parking, fuel is expensive, and traffic jams make commuting a slow arduous process. Bertrand Delanoë, the mayor of Paris, has made alternate transportation a priority to reduce congestion and the effects of pollution. The tiny smart car and motorcycles are common alternatives for personal transportation.

Life with the Paris metro

The nearest metro station is a reference point for business and personal addresses. You may find yourself looking for a hotel or apartment located near your favorite metro line. The various metro lines criss-cross the city, touching just about every neighborhood within the city limits.


you’ll rarely have to walk more than a quarter mile to reach a station.

The dynamic duo – metro and bus

Paris has a world-class bus system as well as the metro. Your metro ticket is valid for both. Use the metros for faster commuting and the buses for shorter trips, sightseeing, or when you’d rather enjoy the view. Buses are also more popular with the elderly and those who want to avoid the many steps inside metro stations. You can also grab shuttle boats on the Seine during summer.

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