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Paris Gay Pride Parade

by Ted on June 28th, 2008

I’ve been to several Pride Parades in California and was looking forward to seeing one in Paris. I expected a similar format: groups of floats, bands, people in cars, Dykes on Bikes, and politicians riding down the route as thousands of people watched and cheered.Paris gay pride route

I was really shocked when I arrived at the route a couple hours before the start and saw no signs of an event about to happen. Where were the crowds? Where were the signs, the chairs, the families?

I should have known better. This is Paris, not California. this is a country where protests, rallies, and parades are a common occurrence. They are participatory events. There were thousands of people in the parade, just not watching the parade.

The Pride Parade follows the standard parade/rally format. People show up at a designated area to prepare and coordinate. At the scheduled time, or after the standard delays, people start marching/walking/dancing/participating along the route to the final destination. Paris Pride Parade (Marche des Fiertes)Upon completion of the parade, there will be more music, dancing, eating, talking, and discussions.

If you’ve become bored of the French Pride Parade, take a trip to California or New York for a new perspective. Likewise, the Paris parade is a great alternative to the standard American exhibition.

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