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Easily convert square meters to square feet

by Ted on April 26th, 2008

Paris in SpringIt’s a bit difficult shopping for a new apartment in France when you come from the United States, the non-metric country. How many square feet is that 35m2 apartment listed on Craigslist? Can I really fit my clothes and computer equipment?

I’ve gotten pretty good at converting temperatures, money, and lengths in my mind, but squaring those measurements just causes a headache. Luckily, I found this simple web page with an easy to use grid for comparing areas. Metric Conversions has several other useful tools as well. Add this bookmark and you’ll find it much easier determining what you need in an apartment.

Metric Conversion Charts

  1. Nicole permalink

    Hey Ted–

    I was unable to find a link to click on. Is there something wrong with the link? Or just me…?


  2. Ted permalink

    Hi Nicole.
    Thanks for the note. I had a small problem with the code. I’ve also added more direct links to the conversion charts.

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