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I first visited Paris a dozen or so years ago and fell in love. Jim and I have made it our second home, visiting at least once a year. It seemed like we worked for our Paris vacations.

paris street signs
Over the years, we started dreaming of moving to Paris. This fantasy started to become reality in 2006 as I began making contacts with the European division of my work. Alas, after a year of meetings, interviews, contracts, and eternal visa issues, I am on the plane with a one-way ticket to the City of Lights.

I’ve learned a lot about this city and still have a lot to experience. This blog is a way to share these snippets of info. It should be especially helpful for those interested in pursuing a similar move. The casual tourist should also find bits of information to make their visit to my new city just as helpful.

Some of these posts were originally written for my personal blog: post-next. You can also find many of my photographs at

Please feel free to comment on the posts to give your own suggestions and feedback.

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